100 g Prague ham from bone of the lava grill served with pickled mixed vegetables, fresh cabbage salad and horseradish remoulade /3,10/

119,00 CZK
100 g Grilled camembert from the farm served with marinated forest cranberries, fresh salad with nuts and apple (vegetarian) /7,8/

129,00 CZK
100 g Slices of tomato and mozzarella cheese served with black olives and gremolata of fresh mixed herbs and chilli pepper vegetarian) /7/

118,00 CZK
50 g Salmon carpaccio from marinated fillet according to our recipe served with chopped salads, tomatoes, citrus slices and spicy mustard sauce (pesco-vegetarian) /4,10/

139,00 CZK
6 ks Snails gratin with butter, field fresh herbs and garlic served in shells with salad from rucola and horseradish /7,9,14/

215,00 CZK
300 g Cold slices of our sausage smoked on beech wood, ham from bone, Edam cheese and natural marinated Balkan cheese served on a wooden cutting board with pickles vegetables and fresh vegetables  (recommended for 2 people) /7/ 199,00 CZK


Česnečka soup from strong broth of fresh garlic and marjoram served with grated cheese and fried bread croutons /1,7/

69,00 CZK
Bramboračka soup from fresh root vegetables, potatoes, mushrooms and wild spice served in a loaf of black bread /1,9/

99,00 CZK


150 g Potato pancakes from our fresh potatoes, baked Prague ham from bone, stewed red headed cabbage, pikled field pepper /1,3,7/

198,00 CZK
150 g Veal leg stewed on a dark lager beer, honey and fresh white mushrooms, potato dumplings, arugula leaves /1,3,12/

215,00 CZK
150 g Beef strong goulash from young bull's neck, bread dumplings, potato pancake, colored onion /1,3,7/

199,00 CZK
250 g Farmers large sausage on wood, baked potatoes, fresh cabbage salad, horseradish remoulade, two kinds of mustard /3,10/

185,00 CZK
3 ks Stuffed potato dumplings from grated potatoes with pork leg of smokehouse, two kinds of stewed cabbage, roasted onion /1,3/

178,00 CZK
150 g Fried cheese Edam in breadcrumbs fried in sunflower oil, french fries, cranberry sauce and our remoulade  (vegetarian) /1,3,10/

189,00 CZK
250 g A mixture of roasted champignons and seasonal fresh vegetables with a drop honey and wine, potato pancakes, arugula leaves  (vegetarian) /1,3,7,12/

199,00 CZK
250 g Prager Schnitzel-fried boneless pork chops with fresh butter, mashed potatoes, pikled and fresh cucumber, lemon /1,3,7/

250,00 CZK
600 g Ribs of piglet baked in marinade of honey, chilli and plums, slices of fresh carrot and cucumber, silver onions, gently spicy mustard sauce /10/

299,00 CZK
1/4 Confit young duck, cranberry red cabbage, white braised Moravian cabbage, potato dumplings, bread dumplings, apple /1,3/

270,00 CZK
1200 g Pork knee roasted for six hours in marinade from dark lager beer Kozel, pickled mixed vegetables, cabbage salad, mustard, horseradish remoulade /3,10,12/

299,00 CZK


990 g OLD TOWN PLATE-confit young duck, baked Prague ham, grilled farmers large sausage, two kinds of stewed cabbage, horseradish, apple, potato pancakes, potato dumplings, bread dumplings /1,3,7/

599,00 CZK


(recommended with steak fries)

200 g Beefsteak with herb butter, served on fresh seasonal salads with a drop of lemon /7/

399,00 CZK
200 g Beefsteak with boletus mushroom sauce, served on fresh seasonal salad with a drop of lemon /7/

399,00 CZK
200 g Beefsteak with pepper sauce of green pepper and whiskey, served on fresh seasonal salads with a drop of lemon /7/

399,00 CZK
150 g Beef slices of sirloin from bull with roasted champignons mushroom on herb butter, served on fresh seasonal salads with a drop of lemon /7/

335,00 CZK


250 g High steak from mature pork served with fries, grilled fresh pepper and sauce made of green pepper and whiskey /7/

260,00 CZK
200 g Veal medallions on thyme butter served with mashed potatoes, leaves of young spinach and mushroom sauce with boletus /7/

270,00 CZK
200 g Chicken steak gratin with cheese mozzarella and cheese Edam served with french fries and grilled tomatoes /7/

250,00 CZK
350 g „Golden Lion“ skewer of chicken breast, home sausage, pepper, zucchini, onion served with baked arugula potatoes, fresh cabbage salad and our remoulade /3,10/

290,00 CZK
200 g Chicken breast on butter and herbs served with steak fries /7/

210,00 CZK


150 g Filet of salmon baked on butter paper with black sesame seeds and lemon served with roasted fresh seasonal vegetables and gremolata of herbs (pesco-vegetarian) /4,7,11/

297,00 CZK


I. Griled farmed Camembert served on a nest of fresh mixed seasonal salads with cherry tomatoes, black olives, nuts and homemade balsamic cream, baguette (vegetarian) /1,7,8/

199,00 CZK
II. Chicken breast from our lava grill served a mixture of arugula, baby spinach and shredded lettuce with marinated balkan cheese in herbs, grilled cherry tomatoes and homemade honey mustard sauce, baguette /1,7,10/ 215,00 CZK


Šopský salad of mixed fresh vegetables with czech feta cheese /7/

99,00 CZK
Mixed salad of fresh seasonal vegetables with black olives and basil

99,00 CZK
Salad of fresh headed white cabbage with nuts /8/

85,00 CZK


Warm apple strudel with butter caramel, cinnamon sugar and nuts /1,3,7,8/

105,00 CZK
Chocolate cake with strawberry cream and whipped cream /3,7/

98,00 CZK
Hot forest fruits with honey on vanilla ice cream with whipped cream /3,7/

99,00 CZK
Pancake with hot and fresh fruit, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream /1,3,7/

125,00 CZK
Side dishes 50 CZK / Baguette 50 CZK / Sauces 50 CZK / Bread with our herb butter 50 CZK

Knee Inn, s.r.o. Ovocný trh 568/17, IČO:26121352, supervisor: Chytil P.