Restaurant U Zlatého lva

Ovocný trh 568/17, Praha - Staré Město

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HISTORy of the Restaurant
,,U Zlatého lva“ 

Our restaurant is located in the premises of a medieval inn and brewery in Old Prague from 1408, when here Mr. ŠIMON (from BEROUN i de VERONA) bought the whole house for 24 kop. and built the first inn here with its own brewery. 

The owner Mr. PAVEL is also well-known for whom the famous beer was tapped in here and that is why he was known as PAVEL said ČEŠPIVO. 

Next documented owner of the inn was Mr. VAVŘINEC in 1535. He was bartender for Mrs. ALŽBĚTA and Mrs. ANEŽKA. 

The last mention of the inn is in 1717, when the house was bought by the painter JERONÝM VAVŘINEC CURTA, who states that the house had a beer hall where beer was served. 

The further history of the inn is not known, the records found only relate to the house itself and its modifications since the 17th century. 

In 1990 thanks to the great efforts of the family Sichrovských, these gothic spaces were rediscovered in the underground part of the house and brought back to life in the form of Wine restaurant U Zlatého Lva. 

Why are we called U Zlatého Lva? 

In 1486 the house was bought by Mr. MATĚJ from NEW TOWN Prague together with his wife Anna. They repaired the house and then decorated it with the emblem U Zlatého Lva. 

 Later the house was named U Zlatého Lva. 

Nowadays there is a family Czech restaurant with the same name U Zlatého Lva. 


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,,U Zlatého lva“ 

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