This Old Town house At the Golden Lion belongs to the oldest town houses in Prague. It is a part of the Royal Way - the most beautiful sightseeing route in the centre of Prague. In the Middle Ages, this was the main path connecting the Castle and the town.

The house no 568 dates from 1400. Its new owner Šimon built a medieval brewery and a tavern here in 1408. Gothic cellars and walls on the groundfloor and 1st floor verifiably come from that period.

In 1486, the house was bought by Matěj and his wife Anna, who decorated the house with a sign of the Golden lion. The house has been called At the Golden Lion since then.

Most likely, this house has always been a tavern and there was a brewery for some centuries as well.

In 1725, the house was rebuilt in Baroque style. Its current look is therefore Baroque.

The house At the Golden Lion is written on the list of the cultural heritage of the Czech Republic.

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